Alphabetize Cluster Elements
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Alphabetize Cluster Elements (ACE) is a Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut (QDKS) and Shortcut Menu Plugin (SMP) that will alphabetize elements in a cluster. This is especially useful if the cluster, either a constant or a control, is arranged horizontally or vertically. Alphabetizing the elements provides a quick and easy way to organize elements in a cluster and increases project consistency. This also includes a relatively simple Application Programming Interface (API) toolkit to programmatically alphabetize cluster elements or include this functionality in other QDKS or SMPs.
Release Notes
                    ## [1.0.0] - 2018-05-26

### Added

- Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut (QDKS) implementation
- Shortcut Menu Plugin (SMP) implementation
- An API to programmatically alphabetize cluster elements within a VI or VI script
- Documentation
- Automated build
Release date
May 30, 2019
Version history