Initial State IoT Streaming SDK
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Quickly stream and monitor data in your Initial State account from LabVIEW. Initial State is a cloud-based data streaming platform for the IIoT that can scalably receive data from any connected device through a simple HTTP REST API. This toolkit wraps that API in a simple-to-use LabVIEW palette. With a single VI, you can stream data from anywhere in your LabVIEW system and automatically get browser-based visualization, transformation, alarming, secure sharing, and comparison. You can also use the provided LabVIEW standard "open-do-close" API for further optimization.

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Prerequisites and HW/SW Requirements:
- You will need an account with Initial State to exercise this functionality. Sign up for free at
- If you are new to Initial State, it is a good idea to understand the platform outside the LabVIEW context. Go through our getting started guide to quickly familiarized yourself.?
- You will need to run this on a system with internet access.?
- This toolkit is verified on Windows 10, but will likely run on MacOS, Linux, and LabVIEW Real Time as it uses cross-platform LabVIEW code where possible.??
- To successfully run the "Looping" LabVIEW example, you will need a valid Access Key from your Initial State account. (How-to is in?getting started guide)
- To successfully run the "One-shot" LabVIEW example, you will need a valid Access Key and Bucket Key from your Initial State account.
Release Notes
                    This is the initial publically available version of this tool.
Release date
August 22, 2019
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