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AnimateX is the first animation kit for NI LabVIEW users, developed by 10X Engineering. More attractive, professional and interesting GUIs can be achieved by using this add-on directly from LabVIEW Front Panel control palette. This kit gives you numerous advantages and is totally customizable. From thousands of colors you can choose the right one for you and make your GUI unique and amazing. Moreover, you can also change the speed and size. No more boring waiting process! / Because no one likes being bored! 
Why AnimateX?
? It is the first Animation add-on based on LabVIEW for LabVIEW users
? Popular animations from the market (Skype, Dell, Yahoo)
? Drop and use directly from LabVIEW Front Panel control palette
? Easy scalable and modifiable architecture
? Customizable parameters
Release Notes
Release date
January 31, 2018
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