Z-Wave Measurement Suite
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Z-Wave is a low-power, low-cost wireless technology enabling consumer-grade products with networked features. Examples include remote controlled light dimmers, networked temperature sensors, electronic door locks and AV systems.. Z-Wave is based on ITU-T G.9959 standard. Z-Wave operates in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands:  It uses 868.42 MHz in Europe and 908.42MHz in USA.

MaxEye Technologies provides generation and analysis functions in LabVIEW for generating and analyzing the Z-Wave standard complaint signals using National Instruments Vector Signal Generators (NI VSG) and Vector Signal Analyzers (NI VSA) or Vector Signal Transceivers (NI VST). The ITU-T G.9959 Standard supports three different data rates; 9.6kbps, 40kbps & 100kbps.

Note: VI Package Manager 2014 is required to install the package, before installing the package run LabVIEW as administrator.

Other Required Software
1. NI RFSG 14.0.1 or later
2. NI RFSA 14.1 or later
3. NI-RFmx SpecAn Version 2.1 or later
4. NI-RFmx Demod Version 2.1 or later
5. NI Modulation Toolkit 4.4 or later version
6. NI PXIe-5644R/5645R Instrument Design Libraries 13.0

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Release date
June 14, 2017
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