JSON Object Serialization
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GCraftsman JSON Object Serializer is an extension of the JKI JSON Library. 
It provides the additional feature of serializing and de-serializing LabVIEW Class Objects to JSON.

Does not require accessor methods to read/write class private data.
Performs best-fit de-serialization to convert JSON to LabVIEW object, cleanly handling out-of-order and missing or extra items.

Class hierarchical relationships and composition are treated as nested clusters.
Objects can be de-serialized to any ancestor type (including LabVIEW Object), and still retain child data.

Included on the functions palette:
Flatten to JSON String : Flatten anything (including objects) to JSON
Unflatten from JSON String : Unflatten a JSON string to specified type
Adapt To Type: convert objects to/from clusters, using best-fit matching
JSON File I/O: Open, Close, Read, Write JSON file
Release Notes
Release date
March 31, 2017
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