Service Application Manager for LabVIEW
by Grovf
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Service Application Manager for LabVIEW toolkit integrates nssm Windows service helper, giving LabVIEW developers verified and easy to use way of interacting with Windows applications. Using the toolkit API developers can easily install any Windows application (including LabVIEW built applications) as a Windows service. Other API functions are remove, start, stop, restart, get status of the service. The API allows controlling Windows services with advanced functions (select application priority, number of cores to run, etc.) using simple command set or by popping up configuration GUI.
Release Notes
                     The main functionalities of first release are:
- Install LabVIEW application as a windows service
- Remove service
- Start / stop / restart service
- Get service status
- Advanced function allowing perform all low level operations available in nssm
- Simple example to manage LabVIEW service application using API functions
- Simple LabVIEW template VI showing how to create service application in LabVIEW
- Functions to get Windows messages sent to LabVIEW service
- Support of the main operations by executables, Get Service Memory and Get Windows services functions
Release date
January 9, 2020
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