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Creating Review Docs for Free: QSid is used to generate reports (word document or custom format) based on LabVIEW Bookmarks on the Block Diagram:
- Lets you place Bookmarks using QuickDrop shortcuts
- Gets your review information (bookmarks) from the block diagram and automatically creates a report
- Comes with a customizable report template in Microsoft Word
- Plug-in architecture allows you to use your own document generator to create the review document in any file format
- Saves document header information to be reused in future reports
- Acts as a bookmark manager
Release Notes
                    - Implemented QuickDrop shortcuts to create Bookmarks
- Improved usability
- All settings can be changed from QSid UI, no restarts required
- Reporting plugin and template can be selected on the UI
- Improved performance of report generation
- Additional templates
Release date
February 18, 2021
Version history