MGI Monitored Actor
by MGI
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Monitored Actors aim to take the headache out of debugging Actor based implementations. It gives the developer a way to visualize all actors running on a system, and it gives them a way to use traditional debug tools (such as highlight execution and probes) in the already running actor.

All of these benefits come with no changes to the default actor framework and no additional code for you to implement. To take advantage of these benefits, simply inherit from Monitored Actor instead of the built-in Actor class. Making this switch is easy to do using the Monitored Actor Switcher- just select Monitored Actor Switcher from the Tools Menu.

Please see for additional discussion of monitoring actors and this specific implementation.
Release Notes
                    -Added ability to override the Actor Monitor UI
-Added ability to display the Actor Monitor in the runtime environment
-Added message logging feature
-Added orphan detection
-Removed LabVIEW 2012 support
-Added some MGI branding and BSD license text
-Added a link to monitored actor web article to the help menu
-Added an example to show usage
Release date
November 4, 2016
Version history