ANT+ Toolkit
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This toolkit allows LabVIEW to communicate with ANT+ devices using an ANT dongle (such as the ANTUSB-m) as described in the "ANT Message Protocol and Usage" document and its dependencies. 

Using this toolkit it is possible to create profiles within LabVIEW to act as either an ANT Master or Slave device. The toolkit allows you to both encode and decode all the required messages to conform to the profile requirements as well as create your own custom profiles for use in your own solutions.

All configuration and control messages up to and including Rev 5.1 of the above mentioned document have been implemented. Our website is currently undergoing a major revamp, so if you need any more information then send us an email. The various ANT+ profiles are being developed and added on a regular basis.

It is also possible to implement any profile using the low level VI's and the relevant ANT documentation, as well as develop custom setups for use with SoC devices such as the nRF51 from Nordic Semiconductors. If you require a profile not yet implemented then let us know, we will be happy to help.

NOTE: ANT-FS is currently not implemented for any of the profiles

Best efforts have been made to ensure that all message and content names are consistent with the ANT documentation, however some slight variations may occur. Please let us know if you spot any!

Created using VIPM 2014.
Release Notes
                    Improved TimeOut Check process
Updated typo's in some VI descriptions
Release date
November 8, 2016
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