QControl Toolkit
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A QControl is an object-oriented alternative to using an XControl.  Use QControls to receive the benefits of XControls without the headaches.  

- Easily allow for UI Logic Code reuse.
- Encapsulate and decouple the UI Logic away from the Business Logic of the main application.
- Allow use of multiple UI Skins while implementing the same UI Logic.
- Abstract away complicated UI Logic from the main application development.
Release Notes
                    Performance and bug fixes.
-Fixed reference leak that occurs if the VI front panel using a QControl is not opened right away (i.e. waiting to be in a subpanel, etc.)
-Fixed performace issue with Wizard taking a long time to load on the first time
-Improved performance on QControl creation

Removed file that caused QControls to not build into executables.

Removed third-party dependencies.

Fixed some broken methods that are part of the Tree Control.

Deprecated Add Items method of the MulticolumnListboxSelection QControl in favor of an override of the Item Names property that does the same thing.
Release date
December 6, 2019
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