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The AutoSerial toolkit is built to automate manual human interactions with any serial device. Consider this toolkit as an automated solution in LabVIEW to replace the manual operations using the popular Putty application for Windows. This toolkit will help you programmatically:

? Establish a serial connection with a device
? Easily respond to any prompts such as username and password to log into a device
? Send data and commands to a device to control it
? Read data coming from the remote device

Sample VIs are provided to demonstrate how to use this toolkit to log into a Raspberry Pi and also a Cisco network switch and automate interactions that could be manually done using Putty in Windows.
Release Notes
                    Updated Example VIs and added notes and more description to their front panels. Updated the front panel sizes of the example VIs to show all the notes on them.
Release date
September 20, 2016
Version history