NI Network Endpoint Actors
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Network Endpoints allow you to link two actors running in separate application instances.  Network endpoints are protocol-agnostic; they can support a range of network protocols.  Two are provided with this package:  TCP/IP and Network Streams.

This package includes two types of network endpoint: Nested Endpoints and Caller Endpoints.

A Nested Endpoint is a Network Endpoint that is launched by a calling actor. The nested endpoint will forward messages it receives from its caller across the network. Any message the nested endpoint receives from across the network will be passed up to its caller. When used with a remote nested endpoint, the endpoints establish a sibling relationship between the actors.

A Caller Endpoint is a Network Endpoint that sits at the top of an actor tree. Caller endpoints launch a single nested actor that you specify. If a remote actor uses a nested endpoint to connect to a local caller endpoint, the caller endpoint's nested actor will act like a nested actor of the remote actor. Any messages sent from the nested actor to its caller will be forwarded across the network connection. Any messages received from across the network by the caller endpoint will be passed down to the nested actor. (Note: Very little work has been done with Caller Endpoints, and they should be considered experimental.)

Release Notes
                    Version 2.0 includes support for DETT.

In this build:

A caller endpoint will now stop itself if it receives as Last Ack.
Release date
May 17, 2017
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