Python Integration Toolkit - Standard Edition
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The Python Integration Toolkit provides a seamless bridge between Python and LabVIEW.  With fast two-way communication between environments, your LabVIEW project can benefit from thousands of mature, well-tested software packages in the Python ecosystem.  

Quickly and efficiently access scientific and engineering tools for signal processing, machine learning, image analysis, data import/export, and more. With only minimal coding on the Python side, this extraordinarily simple interface provides access to all of Python?s capabilities.

You can develop and test your code quickly with Enthought Canopy, a fully integrated development environment and supported Python distribution included with the Toolkit. The Python Integration Toolkit is also compatible with nearly all other Python distributions for Windows.

Requires: Python 2.7. A full Python distribution is included with the Toolkit; you are also free to use others.
Release Notes
                    * Fix issue affecting multidimensional arrays on Python 3
* Fix documentation for advanced deployment
* Fix installer warning text referencing Python 2.7
Release date
December 13, 2017
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