NI RT Management
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The RT Management library provides an easy to use API for the System Configuration, FTP, and WebDAV APIs in LabVIEW. There are two main components or APIs that provides commonly used functions used in the configuration of and interaction with RT targets.

File Transfer Behavior API
This provides an abstract interface for file transfer protocols. There are two included implementations, FTP and WebDAV, but a user can add their own protocol by inheriting from the File Transfer Behavior.lvclass, overriding the required methods, and following the development examples set by the FTP and WebDAV implementations. The file transfer behaviors can be switched at run time for different targets or even the same target by simply toggling the class passed into the This allows you to use a single API for both file transfer protocols, or any further protocol implemented. The included implementations for the FTP and WebDAV protocols work around many of the quirks amongst different NI RT targets, so that the File Transfer Behavior works seemlessly across every RT target NI manufactures with no needed workarounds or changes in the use of the API.

RT Management API
This API wraps the above File Transfer Behavior API and the NI System Configuration API to provide commonly used behaviors when configuring an RT target, such as configuring VI server or installing a startup application. This API, like the File Transfer API, handles many of the differences between NI targets, so that the same API can work seemlessly across any RT target.
Release Notes
                    -Fixed bug in Delete where not all paths to exclude would be excluded.
-Fixed bug in Delete where the VI would error if a path to exclude didn't actually exist on the target.
Release date
July 27, 2016
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