HELPer (VI Documentation Toolkit)
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Help Editor for LabVIEW Programs (HELPer) is a VI documentation toolkit that allows the developer to create comprehensive and thorough VI documentation (like those in the 'Detailed VI Help') and some other types of VI help documents in quick, easy and very intuitive way. Unlike built-in 'Print VI...' LabVIEW option, HELPer gives you means to create HTML help files in 'LabVIEW Help' style, with more control over generated document layout and some other enhanced features described in subsequent sections of this document. HELPer generates ready-to-use documents, so that the end user (LabVIEW developer) doesn't have to invest any time into learning HTML.
HELPer is a toolkit certified by National Instruments for documenting LabVIEW VIs.
Release Notes
                    Functionality for saving and loading HELPer files is added. Documentation updated.
Release date
May 19, 2016
Version history