VSI TSVN Toolkit
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The TSVN Toolkit integrates Subversion into LabVIEW via the Project Explorer context menu and toolbar, File menu, Tools menu, and QuickDrop. Icon overlays display SVN status in Project Explorer similar to TortoiseSVN in Windows Explorer.

The included VI Dashboard tool extends LabVIEW functionality to include sorting and filtering of all VIs in memory and can perform SVN batch operations and others, such as changing settings on multiple VIs at once and opening FP and BDs.

LabVIEW MUST be restarted after installing or upgrading this package.

This package requires TortoiseSVN 1.8.x-1.10.x be installed prior to installation. TortoiseSVN can be downloaded from http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html
Release Notes
                    - Compatibility with TortoiseSVN 1.11 has been added. You can now use the toolkit with both 1.8+.
- Some users were experiencing crashes related to icon overlays. The overlays have been turned off by default in new installs. The feature can still be turned on for users not affected by the crash.
Release date
February 12, 2019
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