Viewpoint Docx Toolkit
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Viewpoint Docx Toolkit
The Docx Toolkit by Viewpoint Systems provides a simple LabVIEW API to create native Microsoft Word docx documents, without installing Microsoft Word or using ActiveX/COM.

Licensing and Deployment
The Viewpoint Docx Toolkit has a 30-day developer trial. A developer's license will be required after a 30-day trial and is also required for deployment. Deployment is royalty free.

Royalty free deployment allows one to deploy a LabVIEW application to hundreds of test systems that generate Microsoft Word reports, without installing Microsoft Word on any of those systems.

Creating Documents
Creating documents is easy, think of creating documents like using a line printer, starting at the top of the document add text, tables, and pictures, always working down the document adding content.

Toolkit Features
* Create new or append to existing documents.
* Supports using Microsoft Word Template (.dotx) or Microsoft Word (.docx) files for template files.
* Insert
* Text
* Text at a Bookmark
* Tables
* Images
* Headers / Footers / Page Numbers / Page Count
* Multilevel Lists
* Page breaks, Paragraph breaks, Section breaks
* Modify font and style settings while inserting text
* Set page height, width, margins, and orientation
* Modify table boarders, background colors, cell sizes, styles
* Merge table cells
* Append other .docx or .mht files

Viewpoint Docx Toolkit requires LabVIEW 2014 and the Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or newer.
Installation requires JKI Package Manager 2014 or newer.

For technical support navigate to our support portal,
Release Notes
                    * Bug Fixes
Release date
December 19, 2018
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