X-CAN for myRIO
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X-CAN for myRIO project library. Use this project library to learn how to communicate with the X-CAN for myRIO hardware using straight forward examples. This project also includes the necessary software dependencies required to read and write CAN frames from the X-CAN device. This package requires VIPM 2014 or later for installation.

To run sample project ensure the following steps for hardware and software are performed.
1. Ensure X-CAN hardware is plugged into the MXP A connector on myRIO
2. A compatable RAW CAN device is plugged into the myRIO using the DB9 or 3-Pin screw terminal connector.

1. Open LabVIEW
2. Select 'Create Project' from the Getting Started Window splash screen
3. Select the myRIO category underneath Sample Projects
4. Choose the X-CAN for myRIO application and complete the wizard to launch the project
5. Open RT Main.vi
6. Select Read or Write mode and Loop Rate
7. Run RT Main.vi
8. Observe the X-CAN LEDs for read or write operations. The CAN Frame [Read] indicator will
show data recieved from the raw CAN device when a successfull connection is made.
Release Notes
                    Removed X-CAN.class in the Project to prevent locked library installation errors. X-CAN.class is now a dependency under vi.lib.
Release date
May 19, 2016
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