NI SmartBalloon
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SmartBalloon is a simple turn-key library to display notifications in a corner of the screen. You can customize the appearance of the balloons (icon, color, text, position...) to fit your application needs.

VIPM 2014 or later must be used in order to install this package.

Support Information :
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Release Notes
                    SmartBalloon 3.x is incompatible with previous versions. Changes have to be made in order to migrate  applications using SmartBalloon 2.x or before. Please review the shipping examples or post on the community page to obtain assistance.

Version 3.1: Added requested feature to target any PC monitor to display balloons. A balloon engine can now be attached to any screen on your system. Instantiate multiple balloons engines if you want to target multiple monitors.

Version 3.0.1: Fixes an issue where some of the SmartBalloon palette VIs could be broken when dropped in a new VI or project. New access to the SmartBalloon events should be done using a property node on a SmartBalloon Library object.

New features:
- Balloons can be stacked (multiple balloons visible)
- Balloons are attached to one corner of the screen, either bottom or top.
- An event is raised upon clicking a balloon. This event may be captured in your application to retrieve the balloon information.

- Fixed an issue where a balloon could remain visible even after terminating.
- Fixed an issue where a balloon VI could be reserved after the owning application has stopped.
Release date
February 20, 2017
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