SEA Digital Sensor Toolkit
by SEA
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1.Digital Sensor Toolkit for SEA Digital Sensors and SEA 9210 Multifunction I/O module.
2. 2014+ Dependency Notification: for installation the JKI VI Package Manager (VIPM) 2014 or newer is required. For details see:
3. For documentation refer to the user manual available via the LabVIEW help menu.
4. For EULAs refer to the legal information available via the LabVIEW help menu.
5. This software is certified by NI as Compatible with LabVIEW.s
Release Notes
                    1. Calibration (Accelerometer, Magnetometer) for DS.GAM.333 added
2. Example for DS.GAM.333 added: Tilt Compensated Compass
3. Calibration (Accelerometer) for DS.A.3. added
4. Examples adaped to above changes
5. Manuals updated
Release date
May 19, 2016
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