QSI Documentation Editor
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The QSI Documentation Editor provides an easy way to edit the description field of:

* VIs,
* Controls (*.ctl),
* Projects (*.lvproj),
* Libraries (*.lvlib),
* Classes (*.lvclass),
* Statechatrs (*.lvsc),
* VI Templates (*.vit), and
* XControls (*.xctl).

It provides a familiar Project Explorer like navigation pane to switch between files which can load Projects, Libraries, Classes, or XControls. It offers a text editor with bold formatting controls similar to word processing programs. There is also the option have both specific documentation and common documentation information. Specific documentation is applied to only the selected item but Common documentation can be applied to all items in the Project, Library, Class, Statechart, or XControl (i.e. copyright information).
Release Notes
                    Initial Release.

After installation, launch the QSI Documentation Editor from the Tools menu>QSI Tools>QSI Documentation Editor...
Release date
May 19, 2016
Version history