Position Tracer App for NI myRIO
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This app is intended to show process of signal integration and problems that arise while integrating the signal for a long time. Also, the application shows one of the ways of Host - RT - Host communication via shared variables and shows the way of sending acquired and processed data to host application without effecting on determinism of loop.

The application runs on NI myRIO 1900 and 1950 targets.

To run this app after it has been installed:

1. Open LabVIEW
2. Select "Create Project" from the Getting Started Window splash screen
3. Select the myRIO category underneath Sample Projects
4. Choose the Position Tracer App and complete the wizard to launch the project
5. Open RT Main.vi and Desktop Main.vi
6. Run RT Main.vi then Desktop Main.vi
7. Move myRIO to change position values
8. Push STOP to halt both Desktop Main and RT Main VIs
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Release date
May 19, 2016
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