Noise Figure
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Product Name: Noise Figure measurement Y-method Toolkit

Manufacturer: 10X Engineering LLC , NI Alliance Partner
Armenia Yerevan, 0051, 123 Hovsep Emin Street Tel. (+374 77) 21-21-93

Product description:Noise Figure Measurement Toolkit NFMT allows to make a noise figure measurement on NI PXI Vector signal analyzer with the "Y Factor" technique. It calculates the Noise figure (NF) and Gain of the DUT (LNA, mixer, RX path etc.) along with the measurement uncertainty.

It is recommended to download trial version and test it on the system, as the toolkit's measurement results (speed of measurement, ranges, accuracy, etc.) are tightly associated with used NI VSA ,system configuration, Noise Source parameters. We recommend NI PXIe 5665 for maximal sensitivity. The trial version is available for testing.

For more information read the Noise Figure Measurement Toolkit User Manual (included in installer) or please get in contact with us.

Supported Language: LabVIEW
Supported Devices: VSA- NI PXIe-5665/NI PXIe-5663/NI PXIe-5661(maybe external LNA will be necessary), SMU-NI PXI 4132, Noise Source - NC346B 15ENR
Source Code Available: Yes in form of SubVIs
Required Software: RFSA, NI DCpower, VIPM 2014 software should be installed before using this toolkit:
Release Notes
Release date
May 19, 2016
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