NI Syslog Library
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The Syslog protocol is a simple UDP communication standard for sending messages from distributed systems and processes to a central collector for logging and later analysis. It can be used for debugging embedded and distributed applications by sending simple messages from the embedded code to a separate system running the syslog collector, also called the syslog server or daemon.
Release Notes
- Removed Error Case Structure from Device Send VI so that error cluster infromation can be sent automatically as intended.
- Corrected syslog_Hostname to return the host name of the local device.

Incompatible Packages
- Added NI Syslog Library (ni_lib_syslog) as an incompatible library, preventing the installation of these two identical libraries with different package names.

- Removed extraneous function palette

- Discussion Forum Suggestion: Updated to cache the hostname on the first call, and return the cached name on subsequent calls to improve performance. (Improvement suggested by user LeifS. Thank you.)

- Discussion Forum Suggestion: Expose the Client Port setting to the user to allow multiple Syslog clients (devices) on one machine.

- Discussion Forum Suggestion: Modify Device Engine Function so that the user specified Client Port is always used for the local port, not just in the case that the Server/Collector is running on the same machine.

The default client port is 515, which is different from the default server/collector port (514). So using the default values will work in any case where you only have one client per machine. If you want to use mutliple clients on one machine, you must specify unique client ports on all but one of them.
Release date
September 20, 2016
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