Messenger Library
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Advanced messaging made simple

A library for passing messages between parallel processes. Uses LVOOP to generalize the communication method, allowing the message sender to use any method as provided by the receiver. Supported communication methods include wrappings of simple queues, user events, and notifiers, as well a more complex channels such as a TCP server and client.

Comunication patterns supported include request-reply, where the reply is sent to a "reply address" attached to the request, and register-notify, where one process sends a registration message to another in order to subscribe to published messages.

A framework for dynamically-launched VI "actors" is also provided (and is used for building the TCP server/client and publish-subscribe functionality). An "Actor Manager" debug tool is installed under the Tools menu, as is an option to generate a new actor from a template.

Note: On Windows 10, it may be necessary to run VI Package Manager "as an administrator" in order to install the VI Package.
Release Notes
                    Issue 44: Reconnecting TCP Messenger (See "Example Reconnecting TCP Client")
Bug fix: 47 Problem launching "Internal" actors in some cases
New Example of a Worker Pool pattren using Future Tokens
Release date
November 18, 2020
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